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Sintered Copper Filter Element - A High Porosity Filter Element

Several different sizes, shapes and specifications of sintered copper filter elements on gray background.

Multiple choice of sintered filter elements.

Sintered copper powder filter elements are a kind of elements made of copper alloy powder sintered at a high temperature. This elements have high filtration precision, good air permeability, high mechanical strength, high utilization of materials. Therefore, they are suitable for high operating temperatures and impact resistance and they are widely used in pneumatic components, chemical and environmental protection sectors.

Due to high temperature nanoparticle sintering process, this elements can be made into any shape by the molds. Except for sintered copper powder filter, we can also supply the titanium sintered powder filter, sintered stainless steel powder filter for different applications and filtering requirements.

Two sintered copper filter wafers are in front of two sintered copper filter rings.
SCFE-01: The sintered copper filter elements can be made into various shapes.
A cylindrical sintered copper filter elements.
SCFE-02: The long cylindrical sintered copper filter elements can hold a large mount of dirt.
Three sintered copper filter elements with screws.
SCFE-03: These sintered copper filter elements can resist oxidation and corrosion.
Two sintered copper filter elements with bilateral screws.
SCFE-04: The sintered copper filter elements with bilateral screws have high strength so as to resist high pressure.
A sintered copper filter element with a big end and a small one.
SCFE-05: This filter has so many tiny holes on the surface for different kinds of filtration.
Two sintered copper filter elements stand side by side.
SCFE-06: The sintered copper filter elements have smooth surfaces and the pore sizes are even.

Applications for sintered copper powder filter elements:

  • Purification and flow restrictions in pneumatic components, lubricating oil, fuel and hydraulic pressure system for media.
  • Oil removal and purification of compressed air.
  • Pure oxygen filtration.
  • Nitrogen and hydrogen (no sulfur) filtration.
  • Sand removal and purification of crude oil.
  • Made as sintered muffler silencer.
  • It can be used as sensor metal filter.

Features of sintered copper powder filter elements:

  • Large dirt holding capacity.
  • High precision and high porosity.
  • Good air permeability and small pressure loss.
  • Corrosion and high temperature resistance.
  • High mechanical strength, good rigidity and plasticity.
  • Anti-oxidation and anti-corrosion.
  • Smooth and stable pore size.
  • Easy to clean and maintenance.
  • Long service life.


  • Item: sintered copper powder filter elements.
  • Material: Copper, brass, bronze.
  • Porosity: 1-100 um.
  • Filtration rating: 5-250 micron.
  • Size: Customized.

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