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Sinter Metal Filter Products List

Sintered Wire Mesh

Sintered wire mesh is a unique material with excellent mechanical properties form 5-7 layers woven mesh using a sintering process for purification and filtration.

Plain Weave Sintered Mesh

Plain weave multiple layers sintered mesh has good permeability characteristics and low resistance to flow for a variety of fluid and air filtration uses.

Dutch Woven Sintered Wire Mesh

Dutch woven sinter mesh made from 2-3 layers dutch woven mesh and 3-4 fine mesh layers after vacuum sintering, pressurizing and rolling together for filtration.

Perforated Metal Sintered Wire Mesh

Perforated sintered mesh - perforated metal as reinforcement layer support the sintered filter structure for filtration under extremely high pressure conditions.

Five brass pneumatic muffler with powder sintered mesh on white background.

Brass mesh pneumatic muffler, including powder sintered mesh and compressed knitted mesh. Besides, we can supply the exhaust muffler throttle valve for you.

A stainless steel pneumatic muffler with compressed knitted mesh.

Stainless steel Pneumatic muffler, including compressed knitted mesh, powder sintered mesh and woven mesh is widely used for noise reduction with durable life.

Sintered Filter Elements

Sintered Filter Elements are made by moulds through high temperature sintering process forming different shape filters such as filter baskets, cup filters, cap filters, and filter plate.

Sintered Mesh Filter Cartridges

Sintered mesh filter cartridges from stainless steel wire cloth with filter rating1-250 micron for pharmaceuticals, fluidized beds, liquid and gas filtration.

Sintered Filter Disc

Stainless steel sintered filter disc made of multi-layer sintered woven mesh in split and integral type for drying and filtering, filter rate 2 - 300microns.

Sintered Wire Mesh Laminates

5 - 7 layers sintered mesh laminates are the fine materials for filtration, and can be welded to filter elements as tube, cylinders, disc and conical shapes.

Sintered Tube Filter

Sintered stainless steel filter tubes filtration rating from 1µm to 250 µm are used as industrial filtration tube for liquid and gas filtration.

Stainless Steel Sintered Fiber Felt

Stainless steel sintered fiber felt is widely used for filtration in petrochemical industry, hydraulic system of cars and ships so to make them operate smoothly.

Iron-Chromium-Aluminum Fiber Felt

Iron-chromium-aluminum fiber felt is widely used in industrial filtration such as automotive exhaust treatment, gas air conditioning and other chemical filtration.

Sintered Stainless Steel Powder Filter Element

Sintered stainless steel powder filter element is widely used in filtration of chemical sector, pharmacy, metallurgy, petroleum and environmental protection.

Titanium Powder Sintered Filter

Titanium powder sintered filter is used in food processing, metallurgy, chemistry and gas purification. Besides, It is compact, durable and has a high strength.

Sintered Copper Powder Filter Elements

Sintered copper powder filter elements are widely used in lubricants, crude oil sand filtration, nitrogen hydrogen filtration, pure oxygen filtration and bubble generator.