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Sintered Filter Elements - Filter Baskets and Cup Filter

Five-layer sintered wire cloth can be made into different shape filter elements, such as filter tube, cone-shape filter, filter baskets with handles or no handles, cartridge filters, disc filters, cup filters, cap filters, and filter plate. They are all shaped by moulds through high temperature sintering process, with metallic capacities, such as noise reduction, hot resistance, heat conduction, and high strength. Due to the stainless steel materials, the filter elements has the features of easy to welding and corrosion resistance.

Sintered Filter Elements have different aperture, porosity and filter rating. The general filter rating are from 0.2 um to 200 um, working temperature from -200 °C to 1000 °C.

Our sintered stainless steel mesh filter elements with high filtering efficiency and long working life, applied in the filtration of liquid and gas even solid and it is applied in many industries, such as petrifaction, polyester, pharmaceutical, food, beverage and water treatment.

Six sintered filter elements with handles from perforated metal
SFE-1: Perforated metal sintered filter elements with handles
Stainless steel sintered wire mesh filter element
SFE-2: Stainless steel sintered filter element
Cone-shape sintered filter element for better separation and filtration
SFE-3: Sinter stainless steel filter element in cone shape
Sintered filter basket form stainless steel perforated metal sintered mesh used in chemical, food, beverage, water treatments and petroleum industry.
SFE-4: Perforated metal sintered filter basket

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