sintered mesh panels in perforated metal, plain woven and dutch woven mesh
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Sintered filter disc plate & sintered leaf filters

Stainless steel sintered wire mesh air flow plate

Sintered stainless steel wire mesh air boiling disc

Stainless steel sintered wire mesh filter disc is made of multi-layer sintered woven mesh - plain dutch weave and plain weave type. Our sintered filter discs can be manufactured in split and integral type used for drying and filtering. Sintered filter disc plate with long service life for drying and filtration in the pharmaceutical, petrochemical, food industry and chemical fiber industry.

Sintered stainless steel wire screen filter disc panel has the features as follow:
Resistance to high temperature, high pressure, corrosion, acid, and alkali,
High strength, high filter rating, good dirt holding capacity, repeated washing.

We can supply sintered mesh filter discs in the size:
Material: Monel wire and stainless steel AISI304, AISI316, AISI316L.
Diameter: 10mm to 3000mm.
Filter Rate: 2microns to 300microns.
Thickness: 1mm to 5mm.
Heat resistance: -200°c - 600°c continuous filtration.

A oval shape sintered wire mesh filter disc

Oval sintered mesh filer disc

Sintered filter discs four round and a annulus shape

Round and annulus filter discs from sintered wire cloth

Sinter filter plate in round shape from stainless steel sinter wire mesh

Round sintered filter plate

Sector shape perforated metal sintered filter disc

sector shape sintered filter disc

Beside above sintered filter products, we also manufacture sintered leaf filters from 5-layer stainless steel sintered wire mesh laminates. This kind of filter element has the features of good corrosions resistance, good air permeability, high filter rating and repeatedly used and repeatedly cleaned. It has wide application for polyester filtration, oil filtration, water treatment equipments, pharmacy and chemical filtration.

A annulus shape sintered leaf filter in stainless steel multi-layers sintered cloth

A annulus sintered leaf filter

Sintered mesh stainless steel leaf filter disc consist of ten sector shape sintered filter discs

Sintered filter leaf filter disc

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